Thursday, March 1, 2007

Films/Directors that inspired EMPTY STREETS

author: Paul Booth

1) The 400 Blows, directed by Francois Truffaut
2) Midnight Cowboy, starring Dustin Hoffman
3) The Graduate, directed by Mike Nichols
4) Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese
5) Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese

6) Dazed and Confused, directed by Richard Linklater
7) Before Sunrise, directed by Richard Linklater
8) Paths of Glory, directed by Stanley Kubrick
9) The Last Picture Show, directed by Peter Bogdanovich
10) Noises Off, directed by Peter Bogdanovich
11) Born on the Fourth of July, directed by Oliver Stone
12) Natural Born Killers, directed by Oliver Stone
13) JFK directed by Oliver Stone
14) Coming Home directed by Hal Ashby
15) Bound for Glory direted by Hal Ashby
16) Brokeback Mountain, directed by Ang Lee
17) Magnolia, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
18) Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen
19) Say Anything, directed by Cameron Crowe
20) Fast times at Ridgemont High, written by Cameron Crowe
21) Easy Rider starring/Produced by Peter Fonda
22) Collateral directed by Michael Mann
23) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington directed by Frank Capra
24) About Schmidt directed by Alexander Payne
25) City Lights directed by Charlie Chaplin

Directors: Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Hal Ashby, Peter Bogdanovich, Akira Kurosawa, Alexander Payne, Paul Thomas Anderson, Sidney Lumet, Billy Wilder, John Ford, Cameron Crowe, Michael Mann, Richard Linklater, Mike Nichols, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Capra, Elia Kazan, The Coen Brothers, Francois Truffaut, John Huston, Robert Altman, Oliver Stone, Spike Lee, Ang Lee, Sean Penn, Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Andersen, Ken Burns, Fellini, Bergman, Godard and Charlie Chaplin.