Monday, June 18, 2012

about Kendyce

Kendyce Manguchei, writer, producer. Kendyce is a professional editor and recreational designer who contributed her skills to the film world with script supervision, locations mangement and marketing inventiveness, beginning with the initial concept of "Empty Streets" -- when the working title was "Johnny on the Outskirts of Town."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

About Josh

Josh provided the print media and graphic design for our DVD and CD covers, our movie posters, and our blog banner (photo by Angelina Gervasi).

Josh is a previsualization artist for feature films and was a graduate of the Vancouver Film School. He has been a professional character animator for more than a decade in the video game and film industries, and his recent credits include Marvel's blockbuster The Avengers, and the 2010 "Video Game of the Year" Red Dead Redemption. Josh also creates digital paintings and illustrations in his spare time, and lives with his wife Tina and their daughter in Los Angeles, CA.

His portfolio website can be found at