Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Girls get cold

So, I was looking through photos from the night we did the convenience store scene in Lodi.

Goodness was it cold! Though, I've been told that night didn't compare to the late nights in Modesto. I'm usually reluctant to go along with gender stereotypes but I remember the girls were cold, and the boys were pretending it wasn't.

For instance, our two supporting characters, Alexandra and Mercedes, were real troupers. Desiree, although she did get to layer her clothes and wear a leather jacket, was outside most of the time, waiting for Paul to give her the cue. I think it was just a teeny bit windy. They never complained about how cold it was in their costumes; that the convenience store guy was supposed to make bottomless pots of coffee and hot chocolate but didn't; that we were awake way too long; or that they weren't making millions. Well, none of us has made millions. Yet.

I think what it really comes down to is this: We were genuinely happy to finally be making the film that had been in the planning stages for months.