Friday, August 31, 2012

Radio interview

It's a 120:00 min. show, there is one guest before us. Go ahead and scroll to 63:00 min. on the time-line for our segment. This interview is one month old, we thanks those in all 5 countries who tuned in. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Journalist Reviews Empty Streets

Review is the opinion of the writer...

"Just watched 'Empty Streets'. The film is superb in capturing the isolation, dissolution, fear, emptiness experienced by many combat veterans when they come home. This Marine, as many ex-troops do, finds himself with one foot in the bush and one foot in the USA, not a good place to be. 

The photography captures emotion in a simple and stark way; I don't know if this is a true story but picking up with the hooker and the cop's involvement is kind of unreal, but I think it could grow on me; I do see these characters as symbols, with the hooker being a mix of understanding and shallowness and the cop is the symbol of the ever watchful authorities and government.

Once I was riding my bike late one night, fell asleep on a park bench in sight of Cleveland City Hall and the Veterans Memorial in a public park and got hassled by a cop, a symbol of the very people I worked with in government and covered as a newspaper reporter. The film is raw and emotional and the ex-Marine is well portrayed.

Millions of combat veterans have this experience, sometimes severely so and usually get no help from anyone, including the government (VA and military). It's hard to watch but so was "Midnight Cowboy." Both sad stories. This one needs telling. 

"Empty Streets" is a film that takes courage to do, especially for the Marine veteran involved; bravo! - Mike Marcellino, journalist/veteran, U.S. Army, II Field Force, Vietnam 

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