Sunday, June 3, 2007

Thoughts from a Mom

Note: This entry is written by Desiree Duclayan Parsonson. She stars in EMPTY STREETS, but more importantly, she's a MOM.

I am patiently awaiting the completion of an important film I was happy to be a part of... "Empty Streets." I'm excited and looking forward to seeing and hearing the many reactions about the movie from people.

As a parent, the war in Iraq has been heavy on my mind and the thought of drafting young men and women who may or may not want to go. Having 2 boys at an age eligible for war is a scary thing for me.

photo of desiree

I have seen and heard many heroic stories and also seen and heard many tragic and sad stories at the same time. I don't know if I could live with myself knowing my child had been killed in this crazy war with Iraq. I would like to see my genes carried on, I would like to be a grandmother someday and I would like to see my boys live a full life meant to be.

I don't believe war should be the way to settle things, I believe there is a more peaceful way of doing things but that it would mean being unselfish and willing to give and share. I really feel that people need to realize that we all live on the earth and although we may have different hair color, eye color or skin color; the same color of blood runs through our veins, therefore we should be more focused on taking care of each other rather than trying to take from each other.

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