Monday, July 9, 2007

The Soundtrack

author: Paul Booth
I'm very happy to announce the involvement of the Sacramento based rap group Righteous Movement. Myself and a fellow producer of Empty Streets saw these guys play a few weeks back and they really brought a special voice to what they do. Their music will be featured in one of the key scenes.

The scene takes place in a liquor store and gives the audience a sense of where our veteran is mentally. We use Righteous Movement as source music, meaning it's supposed to be playing on a radio in the liquor store. The music then leads us into the score part of the scene.

We found them very last minute. It was like a sign. I'd practically given up on finding some great hip-hop and was convinced to attend the local music even they were competing in. I heard one song and knew I wanted their sound, their spirit and the vibes they put out.

As a filmmaker, I always dreamed about making a movie with a cool soundtrack, with music that matched my emotions, vision and images. In this case it we're all on the same page and in sync. Thanks to the music. It always gives back to those who love it. This band has enhanced Empty Streets.

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