Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Legacy

During the making of this film from initial concept 5 years ago through the time we moved to the next project, myself the director of the film lost my favorite Aunt and am about to lose my 4th Grandparent this year. I take the time to honor these ancestors.

The film was meant to bring people together and it did. So I thank my ancestors for the positive things they gave me. I hope people who saw this film were touched or thought about the subject matter. We thank everyone for their support of our message. My Grandmother Anna who is about to pass on, was our biggest supporter throughout this project and we all thank her for the support.

We knew we had done something worthy when a group of my Grandmother's Republican friends supported our very liberal message. I knew we'd achieved the meaning of this planet. To bring people together and to discuss important topics that effect humanity.

So peace to you Grandma and thanks for teaching me everything you did and I know the lessons have only just begun.

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