Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lil Wish/Hurricane Eye

We're happy to announce that Empty Streets will feature the musical talents of two more awesome musicians. The Chicago-based rapper Lil Wish and Hurricane Eye from the East Coast.

Lil Wish
stage presence, lyrical style, energy and crowd control. Imagine creating a performer with a mixure of Jay Z, Twista, P-Diddy, and Busta Rhymes. Now rap all that up in one package then you will have Lil Wish. Coming from the West side of Chicago. Lil Wish has a dazzling live performance that is guaranteed to make any crowd rock. Concert promoters call Lil Wish the best kept secret in the music industry. But to the ladies he is simply Wish. Wish has a style that mixes hip hop and Juke Music (a Chicago style of music) that will send any club up. At a young age Lil Wish took on family responsibilities after his mom suffered a mild stroke. Lil Wish started entering and winning local talent shows. Since then Wish has became the the Midwest most talked about artist/entertainer.

HurricaneEye formed in 1992 as a four piece Rap-Metal band based out of Beverly, Mass., pioneering a truly fierce sound. In 1994, HurricaneEye forged a relationship with the sport of kick-boxing and eventually composed the anthem to the sport titled: "Rage Zone". During the early 90s, HurricaneEye performed live at kick-boxing shows throughout Canada until they disbanded in 1996. Tim Long, the founder of HurricaneEye, forged ahead with the name and began to compose electronic music for the next several years, and in 2000, inked a deal with MTV's "Making The Video." At that time, HurricaneEye transformed into a publishing company and produced music for MTV, Comcast, and Spike.

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