Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Righteous Movement

Sacramento's own Righteous Movement consist of five Hip-Hop musicians that gradually crossed paths, forming together as a group to collectively pursue their mission to make great music. They have a kick-ass track titled "what's a man" that we use in one of the pivotal scenes.

Musically and personally, the group defines chemistry, with each member possessing not only his own style, but swagger as well, each tactfully able of defying any predetermined image of what hip-hop is perceived to be these days, visually or sonically. In pursuit of celebrating life's trials and tribulations through music, these four emcees and one DJ paint their stories in poetic Technicolor. Righteous Movement satisfies more than just fans of good Hip-Hop, but connoisseurs of great music, with their balance of party jams, introspective verses and addictive beats.

Righteous Movement has shared the stage with many nationally and locally acclaimed artists including, but not limited to: The Pharcyde, KRS-ONE, Tajai from Hieroglyphics, Zion I, DJ Craze, Crown City Rockers, JuJu, DJ Hive and more.

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